How do I assign staff members the School Tech Lead role in Clever?




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    Chuck Lusin

    Hi Alex,

    In the sentence above the last table, the value of Role is School Tech Lead, not School Teach Lead.


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    Alex Armstead

    Corrected! Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Chuck!


    Clever Support

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    Danielle McGee

    Are STL able to reset teacher/student passwords?

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    Bryan Yates

    @Danielle McGee, shows these roles and their permissions.


    1) On the Application details page, Settings tab, some details about each program include info like

    SSO Supported User Types
    District Admins, School Admins, Students, Teachers
    I believe this means that both types of School Admins, and all 3 of the District Admins types are all shared with the application.  Does moving a School Admin from Portal User to STL result in any possible loss of access to the programs?
    2) a) If I needed to update a STL back to a Portal User, do I just build a new admins.csv with all my users, and the Role field blank for that user?  b) School Admin changes made through the Team page are overwritten with each new admins.csv upload, correct?
    3) I'm looking at the admins.csv template file available at the bottom of .  a) The Role column is after Username and Password columns; can Username and/or Password columns be left out of the CSV if they are not desired (but Role is desired)?  b) Does uploading a new admins.csv overwrite passwords if they are set/changed by the user? c) Do Username and Password columns work if you're tied to Google or LDAP for authentication?

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