How do I use Clever on iOS?




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    Dean Elliott

    This is a great app.  It works good, but 1 small bug found.  We are a 3 to 1 school district on our ios devices.  When 1 student logs out of the Clever app and another student wants to log into their account the previous student that logged out will automatically be logged in.  After looking into it, I noticed the Clever app is using Safari for the login process and the students info is cached in Safari.  So to properly logout of the Clever app, the students also need to go into the settings and clear the cache and history for Safari at this time.  Please fix this on a update or let me know if there is another solution.

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    Jeramie Price (Edited )

    I also noticed it is using Safari. Is there a way you can make it use Chrome as the default? Make a selection in the settings of the app?

    Also where can we find updates about Apps that are currently not supported on Mobile?

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