For School Tech Leads: How do I manage Badges?



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    Jim Hays

    If you get the error "Windows cannot open the folder / The compressed (zipped)  Folder [filepath] is invalid", this is caused by the filepaths being too long, because of very long coursenames. 

    As a workaround to avoid the error, you can use the program 7-Zip to get the contents of your badges in smaller chunks at a time, that each have shorter filepaths::

    1. Install 7Zip

    2. Download the badges zip file from the Clever email

    3. Right click on the file

    4. Hover over “7-Zip”

    5. Select “Open Archive”

    6. Double click on the school folder

    7. Double click on the “by_section” folder

    8. Click on a section folder to be downloaded

    9. Click the Extract button, and navigate to a folder with a short filepath that will serve as the extraction location.

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