How do I release a hold?




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    Andreas Adams

    Hi Erika,

    Thanks for bringing this up! We went ahead and updated the article today.

    After 'Approve Changes' is selected, there are two possible outcomes:

    - If the changes don't exceed 30% deletions for any data type, then clicking 'Approve Changes' will release the hold on your sync.  

    - If the changes exceed 30% deletions for any data type, clicking this button will open up a ticket with Clever Support.

    We hope you have a nice day!


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    Erika Lennon

    This article doesn't show what the currently Sync Report page looks like.

    There are two options to Discard or Approve Changes.  There is no option to leave a note for Clever Support to process these changes.  What is the process after 'Approve Changes' is selected?

    Also, it would be helpful if it was possible to download changes for all Record Types, other than just the one that is triggering the Hold.

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    Eduardo Arias

    How can I control who gets the e-mail with the notification of a hold? I am the only admin that gets them but would like to add other to receive them as well.

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