How do I manage the Clever Portal?




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    Maryanne Young

    Is there a way to put an announcement on the District Portal page and not just a link so that students and teachers can see the announcement?

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    Andreas Adams

    Hi Maryanne,

    Thank you for the message! Although there isn't a way at this time to post an announcement to the Portal for your students and teachers to see, I'm sure our Product Feedback team would love to hear your request! Would you like to post a brief description of your request in the Product Feedback channel of the Clever Community? Thanks so much!

    Clever Support Team

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    Adrian Cepero

    Is there anyway for me as the District admin to customize each school's portal?   Right now I can only customize the District portal.

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    Jim Hays

    I haven't tried this, but it seems like you could impersonate a School Tech Lead from the school in question to do so.  If this does work, it is cumbersome, and a better solution is needed.


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