Single sign-on (SSO) with Office 365/Azure AD




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    Steven Doroff

    Thank you for updating for the new Azure portal!

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    Preston Cooper (Edited )

    Please add SAML Token Attribute for teachers to be able to login.

       Name: clever.teacher.credentials.district_username
       Value: user.userprincipalname

    Please update your images of the Clever SSO configuration to match the new menu "Portal -> SSO Settings"

       Settings -> Login Settings is no longer there..

    If the Azure AD Clever Application is setup correctly and you were able to test logging in successfully with your test user, then the next step is to add a group for all teachers and a group for all students.


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    Glenn Nance

    The instructions below are not correct. It should be the following.

    name.first    user.givenname

    name.last    user.surname

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