How do I upload Saved-password credentials?




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    Vince Butler

    It would really be useful if there was a way to link school codes to each authorized school in the app setup instead of requiring students to provide it on first login. It isn't always practical to upload user info in advance (such as with older students who manage their own passwords), and besides, after that initial upload you still have straggler students who come in later in the year who would still need to set the school code by hand. By setting it in the app setup you are simplifying first-time login for students all year long, and even across school years.

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    Brian Coutu

    If a user tries to use the SSO feature on a non-Chrome browser they will get prompted with a message that states the browser isn't supported or the extension isn't installed. This message also allows the user to see their uploaded credentials and also allows them to "Update Login" information.

    My questions are:  

    - Is there a way to either shut off this prompt or keep their credentials hidden so they can't see the password

    - If not is there a way remove the ability to allow them to change them

    - If not will the next managed credentials upload file overwrite anything the user may have manually changed it to? If so when does this happen? 

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