How do I log in to Clever as a non-teaching staff member?



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    Jim Hays

    For users who are both teachers and school admins, it says: "If you are both a teacher and a school admin in Clever, you can access both user accounts using the same set of credentials in most instances. After signing in, you’ll select which user you’d like to log in: [...] However, if your district uses custom usernames and passwords for Instant Login (rather than through a third party like Google), you will have two distinct set of credentials: one for your teacher account and one for your admin account. That means your Username will be different between your two accounts. Please check with your district admin for more information on what your credentials should be for your teacher account and school admin account."  What about the situation where the district uses custom usernames and password for instant login, but the login credentials are the same for both teacher and school admin accounts?

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