Please Note:  To configure Single Sign-On (SSO) for Zoom, you must have a paid account (Edu / Business) or a Free "Licensed" Trial account provided by Zoom. You can check your account type in Zoom by selecting: Account Management > Account Profile. 

This article contains the following:
1. Overview
2. Setup Directions
3. Security & Privacy
4. Directions for Teachers
5. Directions for District Admins and Staff
6. FAQs

Clever has partnered with Zoom to create a seamless way to provide account creation, as well as Single Sign-On (SSO) access for teachers, staff, and district admins. To set up SAML SSO for Zoom, please follow the directions below.

Setup Directions

  1. Confirm you have a Zoom Edu or Business account (or a special "Free Trial" account if upgraded earlier this year) by logging in to and navigating to: Account Management > Account Profile. 
  2. In Zoom, navigate to Account Management → Account Profile, and apply for a “Vanity URL.”

    To ensure your Vanity URL is approved, we recommend following these guidelines:

    •  Not contain periods - all periods should be replaced with hyphens. 
    •  Exactly match your email domain - your Vanity URL must align with the domain of the email address you used to sign up for your Zoom Basic Account. For example:

              "" should apply for "".
              “” should apply for “”
              “” should apply for “"
              "" should apply for ""

    Zoom's guidelines for Vanity URL requests can be reviewed here.

    "Vanity URLs conforming to the guidelines will be approved within 1 business day. Non-conforming Vanity URLs will be declined or approved within 4-5 business days. Notifications will be sent to the email address of the user who requested the URL."


    You won't be able to proceed to Step 3 until you have received an
    email from Zoom confirming your Vanity URL.

  3. Once your Vanity URL has been approved by Zoom, add the Zoom application to your Clever account by clicking on this link: and selecting Request application.

  4. Select which schools to share with Zoom and click Request with sharing.

      TIP:  You can easily select all schools in the district by using the checkbox in the top left.  

  5. Navigate to: 
         •  Under 'SAML Details' copy the Metadata URL
  6. Enter the copied Metadata URL in a new browser tab and press Enter. 
    •  Copy the value found between the tags: <ds:X509Certificate>


  7. Navigate to: and select Enable Single Sign-On

  8. Choose to “Configure SSO Manually” and set the following values.

    Sign-in page URL:
    Sign-out page URL: Leave blank
    Identity provider certificate: enter the X509 Certificate value copied in Step 6
    Service Provider (SP) Entity ID: Leave as default
    Issuer (IDP Entity ID):
    Binding: HTTP-Redirect
    Signature Hash Algorithm: SHA-256
    Security: Check “Save SAML response logs on user sign-in” (optional, but useful for debugging issues)
    Provision User: Leave as “At Sign-In (Default)"


    Remember to save your work at the bottom of this tab before moving on to the next step!mceclip1.png
  9. Switch to the 'SAML Response Mapping' tab and set the following values (note they are case sensitive). Do not set any additional attributes.

    Default user type: Basic
    Email address: NameID
    First name: FirstName
    Last name: LastName

  10.  Navigate to
      •  Under 'SAML Details' select Edit. 
      •  Provide the subdomain of your approved Vanity URL and select Confirm.

    IMPORTANT: Provide only the subdomain.
    For example, if your Zoom Vanity URL is ‘’, enter ‘district’.                                          
  11. You are now ready to test a teacher & staff login! Issues can be debugged by looking at the “SAML Response Logs” in Zoom settings. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us!

Download: School Administrator’s Guide: Rolling Out Zoom

Security & Privacy

Data privacy is always a top priority. Only teachers & staff will have accounts created in Zoom, and only the following information will be provided to facilitate account creation for teachers & staff: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Students attending a Zoom meeting will be prompted to enter their name. Directing students to enter only their first name will further minimize data sharing. See our FAQ section for more information on the student experience.

Zoom is COPPA, FERPA, and CCPA compliant. Learn more about Zoom’s best practices for schools and K-12 School and District Privacy Policy

Usage of Zoom is governed by their terms of service.


Directions for Teachers

A full guide for teachers to set up their virtual classroom can be found here:

Also included are links to resources on using Zoom and how to contact Zoom support for technical issues.


Directions for District Admins and Staff

A full guide for staff to sign in to Zoom and create virtual meeting links can be found here:

Also included are links to resources on using Zoom and how to contact Zoom support for technical issues.


What type of integration does Clever have with Zoom?

  • Zoom can be configured as a Single Sign-On (SSO) application within Clever. Teacher accounts will be provisioned on-demand. Student roster information will not be shared with Zoom.

Who will have a Zoom account?

  • District administrators, staff and teachers will have accounts in Zoom. You can view teacher experience here.

How will students use Zoom? Can they call each other?

  • Teachers can create meetings for their students to join, but students will not have their own accounts, and students will not be able to initiate meetings with each other.
  • Teachers may find it useful to post their custom Zoom URL on their Teacher Page within Clever.
  • View student experience here

Can we use Google to log into Zoom instead of going through the Clever Portal?

  • Our partnership has been designed and tested using the Clever → Zoom integration. Clever is not able to support district users who access Zoom by any other methods.

Will cloud storage for recordings be provided?

  • Cloud storage will be dependent upon your license type. The features associated with each meeting plan can be reviewed here:

Can Staff users in Clever use Zoom?

  • Yes! Staff can log in via Clever and host virtual meetings through Zoom.

An earlier version of this offer suggested my teachers would be able to create telephone dial-in numbers. Has that changed?

  • Unfortunately, Zoom has had to disable the telephone option due to overwhelming strain on telecommunications networks. They hope to be able to restore it in the future, but don't have a date yet.

My district has multiple email domains. Do I need multiple accounts? 

  • Each district will be provided one zoom account, even if your district has multiple email domains. Please enter the Vanity URL of your choice for Step 3. All teachers within your district will be associated with the district account when they log in to Zoom from Clever, regardless of email domain. 

Do students and teachers have to download the Zoom app?

  • No. Students and teachers can join by selecting "Join from your browser" once they have clicked on a meeting link. 

    We recommend turning on Show a "Join from your browser" link for the entire organization using the directions found here:

Students receive the error message: "Uh oh! Zoom does not support Clever SSO for students"

  • Zoom recently made a change to default settings for education customers. As of April 6th, "Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web Client" has been enabled by default. With this new setting enabled, students will see this error when attempting to join a meeting through the web browser: 

    To resolve this issue there are two options: 
    1. Download the Zoom app for the device (download here)
    2. Log in to Zoom as the Zoom account owner, navigate to Account Management > Account Settings and disable "Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web Client"
    Students joining meetings through the Zoom app are not affected. They can join a meeting without logging in. 

Who should I contact with questions?

  • Please contact Clever support with any questions about setting up or administering your free Zoom account. We're here to help, and look forward to getting you and your teachers Zooming!