Google integration with Clever



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    Janet Lake

    I'd like to use badges to sign in with google on chromebooks.

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    Samantha Choate

    Actually it is already possible to log in to Google on Chromebooks.  I am talking about logging into Google with badges on Windows machines.

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    Bryan Yates

    We use LDAP for student authentication.

    Chromebook badge logins allow us into the Chromebook.  One logged in, using Chrome, Clever loads without another username prompts.  Clicking on Google also works without another login.

    If I login on a Windows computer (not with a badge), then use a badge to login to Clever (via Chrome), clicking into Google requires one more login.

    I'm not sure if Samantha means the same as what I'm saying, or if they are using badges to log onto the Windows workstation.

    I believe I was once told changing my IDP to Google would eliminate this extra Google login in my case.  I'd love to hear confirmation again from Clever.

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    Heather Duncan

    Hi all, 

    As Samantha and Bryan mentioned, logging into Chromebooks with Badges will initiate an active Google session. Badging into other devices will not. If you'd like Google apps (Google Docs, Google Classroom, etc) to be fully compatible with Clever SSO no matter the login process, we recommend letting Google know! Our districts are our most important advocates as companies consider partnering with us. For the time being, Saved Passwords apps are a good option for SSO through Clever when not using Google as an IDP.

    I actually just posted about this very topic last week! I recommend checking out this Community article for more detailed information on the subject: Troubleshooting tip of the week: SSO for Google apps.

    Feel free to comment any more questions! 


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