Clever accounts for school counselors?


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    Marc Anderson


    Not sure what SIS you're syncing from, but Clever Support told me previously that they key off of the staff's title in determining who syncs through as a school admin - they gave me the following list that will sync through - all others are ignored:

    • Superintendent
    • Principal
    • Instruction
    • Curriculum
    • Director
    • Coordinator
    • Technology
    • Coach
    • Counselor
    • Admin

    I would think if you set the counselor's title to include the word "Counselor" they should show up. 

    If you need them to sync into the Teachers bucket, you'd have to set their staff record in your SIS to "Is Teacher" - again would depend on your SIS as to exactly how to make that happen. In our Skyward system, it's a checkbox on their staff record. 

    Hope this helps!

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