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    David Murphy

    We would also like to sync Co-Teachers with PowerSchool. I have done some digging while chatting with support so they suggested I post this into the community.


    The Co-Teacher table (or what most closely-resembles a co-teacher table) is not exportable via DDE however it *is* exportable via DEM. The category is Tables and the Export From is SectionTeacher (this is the table name). This table contains ALL teacher assignments per section, whether they are the lead teacher, a co-teacher, or otherwise. The teacher's assignment for the section is defined by the [SectionTeacher]RoleId field, which is a pointer to the [RoleDef]Id field. In our system (I'm not sure if this is applicable to all PowerSchool customers), RoleId value 9 is "Lead Teacher", so they don't need to be synced as a Co-Teacher because Clever already has the lead teacher information. It happens at our district I would be interested in having all other teachers in the SectionTeacher table synced as co-teachers to Clever, but some other customers might want it to be more granular. Other fields of interest in the SectionTeacher table for Clever would be Start_Date and End_Date (if the Clever sync date falls outside of this range then they technically wouldn't be affiliated with the class anymore, but if that's too hard to restrict I'm fine with them being ignored), SectionId (the pointer to [Sections]Id so that you can match it to a Section in Clever), and TeacherId (the pointer to the [SchoolStaff]Id field or [Teachers]Id field in the Teachers view).

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