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    Dave Black

    I would suggest describing in this article how and when sections hare included in the sync process.


    Also a listing of all fields that are included in the sync would be helpful.

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    Steven Riehl

    PowerSchool has posted notices that districts should not allow third parties to export data with the DDE.

    I wish Clever would put together a PowerSchool plugin (the officially supported way to export data to a third party).

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    Bryan Yates

    @Dave, I does look like they are making some changes to these areas, including making the mappings much more visible to us, through Sync | Settings |  Customize field mappings, better described here:


    which led me here:


    I didn't do a thorough check, but at a glance, all my fields are there, including custom ones.

    @Steven, I've wondered why they don't go in the API direction.  I have no experience with API or PS plugins, so I can't speak to which is a better use of development time, but DDE does seem pretty limited.

    @Clever, This article states the "Syncs all staff members from the Staff table, who are assigned to an active School and have an active staff status ("Status" = 1)", what is the point of syncing more than teachers?  I think this statement is incorrect, and it should say, "Syncs all teachers from the Teachers view,...".  I further believe rather than using your 2 DDE constraints to only pull status=1 and schoolid > 0, you should instead consider pulling status=1 and staffstatus = 1 (teachers).  Current teachers will be assigned a school, not district, and this tidy's up quite a bit of extra people that come in as Teachers with no sections (Staff?).  If principals and other admin folk could be accurately brought in via Teachers view, it would be fabulous, but I have not found that to be possible.

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    Sam Atkeson

    Thanks all for your comments! Clever is committed to integrating with Powerschool's API but has not yet received approval from Powerschool to do so. We recommend reaching out to your Powerschool rep to express your interest in connecting to Clever via the Powerschool API.

    Steven - I’m interested in discussing the PowerSchool Plugin option you mentioned. I will reach out directly to setup a time to connect.

    Bryan - we don’t limit the records that we pull to teachers only (i.e., staffstatus = 1) in order to ensure that our parameters are broad enough to accommodate a variety of districts with distinct staff classifications. Our support team is happy to customize these filters for districts on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested in customizing your filters, feel free to open a support ticket here.

    As for principals and other administrators who are not associated with sections - we recommend uploading these users as School Admins. You can read more about School Admins and how to add them to Clever here.

    Sam Atkeson
    SIS Partnerships Manager 

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